Twin Devils

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Twin Devils is a D&D 5e campaign run by Bob Boberton. The world it takes place on is known as Xibalba.

Map of Xibalba


A full history of the story so far can be found on the Campaign Log page. The Documents page also contains handouts and other key pieces of collected information.

There are many homebrew elements to this game, some anchored in other RPG systems, others original. See the Mechanics section below for a complete list of customizations.

Racism Incarnate - the Players

The party is currently level 14

Character Race Class Player
Gwent Human Blood Hunter DJLunchbox
Artemis Catkin Ranger Askylum
Sa-Matra Shardmind Warlord Xenothral
Merrodis Ratfolk Rogue Raven
North Tabaxi Warlock Spooky
Yoaral (Retired) Lizardfolk Monk Brazko
Dox (Retired) Changeling Cleric Toys



Minor NPCs


  • Government of Londolond - the city council and administration.
  • Believers of the Source - Believes everyone has a chance at apotheosis through work.
  • Dustmen - Inventors and thinkers trying to advance the world technologically and philosophically.
  • Zhentarim - A quasi-legal spy and smuggling network operating through legal fronts.
  • The Chosen - A group of agents that has been working against the party and their allies.
  • First Shields Company - A mercenary band that specializes in hunting/poaching rare and dangerous creatures.


Londolond is ruled by a monarch, but it is a mostly ceremonial position. The true power in the city lies with the City Council, in which 12 guilds hold a single seat (usually held by the guildmaster):