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Challenge: 12
Archmages are members of the upper echelon of arcane power and knowledge. They know at least one 8th-level arcane spell and may know a 9th-level arcane spell, among having access to a broad array of lower-level spells and rituals. Many also know how to create magical items. Most Archmages hold at least some sway with local nobility, and often take up several apprentices, but others are hermits who eschew contact in pursuit of the arcane arts.


Challenge: 6
Mages are those who spend their lives in the study and practice of magic. They may serve nobles, perform experiments, explore the world, or offer their services for coin.



Challenge: 0
Commoners are any of the many servants, peasants, serfs, slaves, merchants, pilgrims, artisans, and hermits inhabiting the world.


Challenge: 1/8
Nobles are those who wield power and influence as members of high society, possessing wealth and connections to military, royalty, and foreign powers. Nobles are rarely seen without an entourage of guards, servants, and sycophants.


Challenge: 1
Information is power, and in the confines of cities and gilded chambers, spies are the ones to gather it in secret. Whether unerringly loyal to a single employer or freelance, these agents are skilled in the arts of observation and deception.



Challenge: 1/4
Acolytes are junior members of a clergy, usually serving under a priest. Most can cast a few spells, but few gain beyond 1st-level divine spells without becoming full-fledged priests.


Challenge: 2
Priests are devoted servants and preachers of the gods they follow. They may be good or evil, and usually provide divine services to the local populace with the aid of several acolytes. They normally cast up to 3rd-level divine spells, but some powerful priests may know higher-level spells. Priests normally specialize in ceremonial and ritual magic, in keeping with their god's practices of worship.



Challenge: 8
Remorseless killers working in the employ of guilds, nobles, or anyone else who can afford them, Assassins are trained in the art of stealth and poisons, capable of striking protected targets sight unseen.


Challenge: 1/8
Bandits typically rove in gangs led by captains, veterans, thugs, or spellcasters; often using intimidation through weight of numbers for profit. Not all bandits are necessarily evil - some gangs are unsanctioned militias, or otherwise honest folk driven to extremes by famine, drought, oppression, or neglect.

Bandit Captain

Challenge: 2
Gifted with ruthless cunning, a strong will, and a silver tongue, Bandit Captains are the leaders for any group of bandits. Responsible for keeping the gang organized and in line, they are usually a paragon of whatever qualities the bandit gang happens to be made up of.


Challenge: 1/8
Cultists are those who swear allegiance to dark powers like the elemental princes, demon lords, archdevils, or outer things. Operating in secret, they avoid persecutions such as imprisonment, exile, or execution. Unlike evil acolytes, cultists are usually more prone to madness and insanity in their beliefs and practices. While zealous, they also tend towards recklessness in combat.

Cult Fanatic

Challenge: 2
No ordinary cultist, fanatics are those privy to the secrets of the cult and as such are often leaders of the movement. They are frequently both charismatic and dogmatic, and imbued with power beyond that of the average cultist. The typically can cast 2nd-level arcane spells, but some may know more.


Challenge: 1/2
Enforcers and other hired muscle skilled in intimidation and violence, Thugs work for money, usually without much in the way of scruples.



Challenge: 5
Gladiators are warriors who fight for entertainment, whether with strength or finesse. Some may fight to the death, and others may be duelists or boxers who command a high price for appearances but rarely risk serious injury.


Challenge: 1/8
Guards keep civilization running smoothly. Guards can be members of a city watch, militia, sentries, or bodyguards for any type of employer.


Challenge: 3
Warriors pledging their services to noble causes, religious orders, or sovereigns; these men and women follow a personal code of honor and virtue. They are most often found with a small group of hirelings - squires and other commoners - often patrolling civilized lands or undertaking a quest.


Challenge: 1/2
Scouts are skilled hunters and trackers who offer up their services for coin or in service of a guild or general. Most hunt wild game, but some are also bounty hunters, guides, or perform reconnaissance for military forces.


Challenge: 3
Veterans are professional fighters who take up arms for pay or in service of something they believe in. Though many were previously formally soldiers in a professional army, most work entirely independently.



Challenge: 2
Berserkers, hailing from outside civilized society, are usually unpredictable and quick to seek conflict wherever they can find it.


Challenge: 2
Druids dwell in forests and other secluded, wild places. Protectors of the natural world, both from monsters and civilization, these folk heal the sick, pray to animal spirits, and provide spiritual and literal guidance to anyone so long as they respect nature. Druids can usually cast natural spells of up to 2nd level.

Tribal Warrior

Challenge: 1/8
Living far beyond the reaches of civilization, Tribal Warriors subsist off of fishing and hunting, normally led by a chief. The chief is usually the oldest or strongest member of the tribe, and/or blessed by natural or divine grace.