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This is a list of special items that are either powerful, notable, or otherwise relevant to the plot of the campaign.

Augur of Onimat

Exact functions unknown. According to Fennik, enables one to see opponents through walls, making it a sort of scouting tool. Currently held by the Silver Twilight Lodge.

Peril Detector

A tool given to Dox by Neither Nor. A small medallion that kind of works like an eight-ball: Use an action to point it at single creature in line-of-sight, and it will show the relative power of the creature through one of four symbols that appears on its face: a frog (easy creature for a single PC), a shield (an equal challenge to a single PC, an easy fight for a party), a blade (a difficult fight for a single PC, an equal fight for a party), or a skull (deadly for a single PC, a difficult fight for a party).