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Not much is known about Yoaral or his previous whereabouts. It has been shown he had a propensity for water with preference for swamps, bogs, and other such warm and humid wetlands. His mark of the Traveller is placed (in)conveniently on his left pectoral, just under his shoulder and he spoke with a thick Draconic accent. He was very apparently from a primitive world as ever since his travelling he had been playing catch-up learning the ways of society. Illiterate and uneducated, he knew of little more than himself and the wilds he hailed from.

Yoaral was travelled in the year 176. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances a short time before the second eclipse of that year.



Lizardfolk are fairly well known for their primarily reptilian behaviors including their lacking of emotion alongside the aforementioned amorality. The circumstances of Yoaral's travelling are scarce, only that he lived alone as an exile and had been alone for some time.

Despite this, Yoaral displayed characteristics typically unseen within the scaled folk. He was known to be oddly sentimental, becoming quite attached to small objects tied to important events. Around his neck was a knuckle bone, upon which was an inscription in the foreign draconic script of his homeland. This, alongside the many bones he had incorporated into his clothing, were the only things he had from his home and as such was notably protective of them.


Yoaral appeared to lack compassion, empathy, morality, any understanding of common social etiquette, and any understanding beyond the basics of currency.

He was known to be unfortunately curious, tending to pick things up and make "observations" of people or objects which he had taken an idle interest in. It is not uncommon for Yoaral to question those of other races, typically more physically exotic ones, as to why they look different.

He had a knack for craftmanship with bones of all sorts. One of the few things he seemed to be truly interested in was bones. He eagerly went to great lengths in order to obtain them for his own personal use. Before his disappearance, Yoaral had also displayed an affinity for medicinal plants and poultices.


Okarshel [Home]

Yoaral spoke often of his home, seeming at times to be awash with a sense of what could almost be called homesickness. This seemed to be in strange contrast to both the Lizardfolk's emotionless nature as well as the nature by which the Traveller chooses his subjects.

All that is known of Okarshel (a transliteration of how he pronounced the draconic word, "Okarthel", meaning "Home") is that it was mostly a climate similar to that of the tropics. The air was humid and warm and the land lent itself well to pooling of water and such as like a bog or swamp. Yoaral mentioned familiarity with both swamps and jungles, but it was quite clear from his hydrophilic nature that he preferred the swamps.


Despite his martial prowess, it seemed that Yoaral knew not of the concept of the monastery. His skills were honed primarily through necessity and self-interest. This is best seen in combat for his quick and violent motions are far from graceful yet his understanding of his body and the way it moves has seemed to strike an interesting balance between the ferocity of his race and the careful precision of the martial warrior.

The following has been noted in Artur Geln's Encyclopedia Of the Travelled with regards to his water-shaping abilities:

Earlier in this profile it was noted that Yoaral possessed the ability to manipulate water for the purpose of offense. It is worth noting that this peculiar "Magic" (for it appears not to truly be of any arcane nature) is not limited to such purposes. After extensive testing, and many gold's worth of mutton, I, with Yoarals ravenous patience, have found he is able to manipulate approximately 10 cubic feet of water, moving 5ft^3 at a time. If he so chooses, he is able to force the water into a solid state of ice, therein allowing him to create a staircase from a waterfall, or a bridge from a river. When asked for other uses he's found, he noted that it was once used as a restraint.
Aside from his manipulation of water, it should be noted that although lizardfolk are known for their excellent dive times (up to 15 minutes at a time), Yoaral seems to exhibit no need to surface for air after diving below the surface. In fact, I daresay he seemed happier when submerged. He can swim with blistering speed, once nearly covering 180 feet in just under six seconds. Curiously enough, I recorded the same numbers when examining his speed on land and, to my surprise, vertically; provided his momentum carries him through.

To add to this, He possessed outrageous mobility. Yoaral had been shown to be able to stride across the surface of fluids and up or along vertical surfaces provided he remained in motion. Likewise, he was able to not only chase but keep pace with a fully grown elk in order to disable it for consumption. This, alongside his knack for teleportation, made Yoaral quite the slippery target to get a hold of.


After making the deal with the demon of Zagant, Yoaral somehow came into possession of potent psionic capabilities (some tales speak of so-called Mystics possessing similar powers). Odd effects were observed from teleportation to psionic assaults delivered via darts to more immediately concerning effects like his wounds spouting acid or his scales hardening on command.


Yoaral spoke a foreign dialect of Draconic featuring the typical harsh consonants and sharp hissing noises associated with the language. Aside from this, he carried a notable accent wherein he tended to slur words together. His TH's became SH's and his SH's became caught somewhere between "SH" and "SS". When speaking in "Common" [See: Traveler's Mark / Language And Dialect ] his words were slow and ponderous, sometimes missing articles and other such things which are seemingly absent in his dialect. He had a rudimentary understanding of names and was perpetually confused by their apparent lack of descriptive meaning. He would often opt to refer to someone by a descriptive feature rather than their given name, such as "Soft one" for smooth-skinned races or "One in Bright Clothing" for one who fits that description regularly.

When questioned about his own name, he explained that like most lizardfolk he has no given name and, instead, chose a trait which was most prominent to him. "Yoaral" is draconic for "Outcast" or "Exiled One", likely pointing back towards his isolation within his swamp.