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Xibalba mostly runs on a unified calendar, but "year zero" varies and usually represents the age of the empire one lives in. Names for months and days of the week are roughly standardized, though may vary slightly (e.g. "Month of Rain" vs. "Downpour")

The year consists of 400 days, with ten months, each month having four "ten-days" which is the equivalent of a week. There are usually two or three days given over to rest depending on the culture.

The months of the year correspond to themes as follows:

  1. Frost
  2. Ice
  3. Hearths
  4. Green
  5. Seeds
  6. Earth
  7. Songs
  8. Harvest
  9. Timber
  10. Winds

The days of the week are usually named "first-day," "second-day," and may be referred to with the number of the week they belong to. As an example, a specific date might be "Third first-day of Harvest, year 152" (the first day of the third week). Some cultures confusingly refer to either the first actual day as various rest-related terms, or may reserve those names for the last two days. Londolond uses first- through eighth-day, and then the ninth and tenth days of the week are "King's Rest" and "Feast-day."

Historical Record

In Londolond, it is currently the year 176, representative of the year the founding expedition travelled to the city site and raised the old perimeter walls from the earth to protect the city.

full timeline forthcoming