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The Zhentarim in Londolond have a notable presence, but do not operate openly. So far, the party is aware of the Red Pulpit tavern as a location where they can get in touch with the Boss and his second-in-command, Fennik. The Boss's name has not yet been discovered, and he does not share it freely.

So far, two jobs have been performed by the party

  • acquire the heart of a Sylvan and return it to the Boss within a day
  • poison an innkeeper (the Merry Carriage incident)

... and one favor has been repaid:

  • the Zhentarim have helped supply Neither Nor with extra quicksilver.

Fennik had a subsequent request for the party - to steal the Augur of Onimat from the Silver Twilight Lodge, but was slain shortly afterwards. The Boss has presumably survived, but has gone into hiding.

The Boss