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Neither Nor, who eschewed her real name upon being Travelled to Xibalba, was an inventor, scientist, and engineer. She was Travelled late in year 171, and was nursed back to health by Thoma Erim. Her mark was on the inside of her elbow. Though she did not speak much about her prior life, she freely described herself as a "civil engineer." She occasionally spoke in latin, a representation of the language she used to speak in her native land.

Since then, she has brought much in the way of new (to Xibalba) technology to Londolond, including the first proper underground water and sewer system. The foremost invention she is known for is the self-burying/self-linking pipe, which she mass-produced to kick-start the city's own infrastructure project. She has since handed off most maintenance and development tasks to other city officials.

Prior to her untimely demise, she was preoccupied with stopping the Silver Twilight Lodge from starting a demonic incursion, and had employed the party to assist her in exchange for teaching them her scientific methods for developing new equipment and abilities.

After performing the ritual of visitation the party has discovered that Neither Nor's true name, which was more of an assigned designation from her home plane, was "RY-KA". On this home plane she was listed as a "Class 3 Architect", a being which was bred for creativity and, despite her home plane's extensive mastery of genetic engineering, was allowed some degree of randomization in her genetic makeup. It seems that this randomization is what gave her both her prodigious skill with invention as well as her deep emotional convictions.

Known abilities

Nor fit the class archetypes of Wizard and Monk, although some of her spellcasting goes hideously awry. She primarily used magic to enhance her inventions and develop new technology. She had made a deal with the god Zagant, like the party had (as of Session 8), and this may explain her cross-discipline abilities.