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Main Man with The Plan

Marion "The Magnificent" is the primary guide NPC for the party, mostly helping with his network of contacts, his ability to cast certain information-gathering spells, and his ability to perform research and investigation tasks.


Marion's age is unknown, though he was born after the start of the current age (400 years ago) and after the founding of the city of Kena (200 years ago). He was once a member of a much older adventuring party, eventually earning such fame as to be bestowed the noble title of Baron of Kena about forty years ago. Shortly afterwards, his adventuring group separated and went their separate ways. It is unknown if his compatriots are alive and adventuring, retired, or deceased at present. At that time, Marion was a duelist, but since then he has turned over a new leaf and learned the fine art of spellcasting. He studied for some several years in Eingazal, primarily under Boeldieu's tutelage. Since that time spent at the Academy, Marion has run a popular tavern named the Golden Goblet in Taraheil, though it's success has brought him to Ogland's attention.


Though Marion was once an adventurer who utilized physical prowess, he is currently much more pacifist and will not harm others except in exigent circumstances. Marion is of great magical potential but has mainly specialized into conjuration and divination to act as an information broker. Marion has demonstrated the ability to regenerate rapidly and perceive certain magical effects easily, and given his age, he is obviously not the human he appears to be. An identification spell discretely cast by one of the party members revealed his type to be "Outsider."


Marion is a close friend and confidant of Tywin. Marion has been quick to lend a sympathetic ear and protect the Prince of Taraheil, though he does not let on that he knows Tywin's identity.

Marion has been in opposition to Ogland since his tavern started redirecting business away from one of his own establishments. Ogland quickly took to attempting to sabotage the Golden Goblet physically and by tarnishing its reputation, but these have failed. Marion is openly hostile to Ogland and vice versa, though with recent events related to the Manual, their conflict has escalated significantly. Marion currently resents Ogland greatly for going as far to screw with time itself to gain the upper hand.