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Petulant Prince

Tywin Amadeus, Prince of Taraheil is a roguish type who has always harbored plans that involve more freedom than being a King.


Tywin is good friends with Marion, having spent many days in the Golden Goblet avoiding the royal guard. The two haven't interacted much except as barkeep and patron until recently, yet Marion has been able to deduce Tywin's identity as the crown prince after piecing together drunken clues from the man.

Tywin maintains a cordial relationship with his father, the late King Dahin. Though they may agree that being King is an ordeal from which none truly recover, his father insists on doing what he can to prepare Tywin and his sister to take the throne should something happen to him.

His sister, Celia, wants the crown about as much as she does, though she is taken to arboreal study more than hanging out with characters of ill repute.

The current acting King, Duke Alandros, believes Tywin and Celia both to be unworthy of the crown, and has taken action to override the normal process of hereditary rule in Taraheil. For this, the heirs are torn, mostly because Alandros is kind of a huge dick, but they don't want to actually run the city-state any more than they want to deal with him. Unfortunately, the Duke also has Ogland's support, so it is likely that whatever the two of them are planning runs deep given Ogland's penchant for intricate and layered schemes.