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The Manual of the Infinite Planes is a magical artifact that enables any person or group to travel to any plane, realm, or dimension of their choosing. This has great potential for good and evil, and the main plot of the campaign revolves around finding it and using it.

The Manual is potent and possibly the reason for the entire current reality, and requires seven artifacts to use without being utterly destroyed in the process:

  • The Scroll - Azat's Disjunction. Negates the disintegrating effect imbued in the Manual's text.

  • The Key - Marrskeins. A key which can open any lock that was never intended to be opened.

  • The Bauble - An Eye of Vecna, able to shield the mind from the entropic effects the Manual has on memory.

  • The Cloak - Made from the hide of an unknown Titan. Protects others nearby (i.e. On the current plane) from the open Manual's negative effects.

  • The Chain - Unknown function.
In Hell

  • The Goggles - Unknown artifact.
In Dr. Demiven's possession.

  •  ??? - Unknown artifact.