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Pride of the Academy

Boeldieu of the Nudibian Sultanate, Third of That Name is a wizard who currently spends the majority of his time tutoring students at the Academy of Eingazal and researching various schools of magic. He specializes in Abjuration and Transmutation, and is a world-class spellcaster given his previous success in transmuting minute amounts of lead into gold without the use of alchemy.

Boeldieu was the son of a criminal who decided to flee the bounty placed on her in her home territory by migrating to Eingazal. Born to a rich minstrel, he was afforded access to a private school for those displaying latent magical talent, and eventually graduated from the Academy only to accept a tenured position there. His mother has since disappeared from the public eye and his father has retired.

Boeldieu was recently embroiled in a scandal at the Academy when a group of tutors and students was discovered to be experimenting with magic related to the Far Realm. This group was sizable enough to give the ruling board of the Academy pause instead of expelling them outright, especially given the level and scarcity of the experience provided by some of the senior staff involved. Boeldieu was not among them, but drew fire for insisting they be punished and monitored for further transgressions but not expelled, in opposition to the prevailing public opinion favoring outright exile.