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This page catalogs the various homebrew mechanics used in the Songam D&D 4e campaign.


The players have a base that allows them to hire underlings, craft gear cheaply, and perform research and development. The Base document outlines these mechanics in detail, and the current state of the base is captured in a Google Doc

Divine Intervention

After the time skip, the party was visited by an angel that bestowed a Channel Divinity power on each of them, according to the god they most closely aligned with and/or worshipped. This bestows a bonus use of Channel Divinity to classes that have the feature already, but it may only be used with the bonus power (i.e. they are separate).

Fudge dice

Fudge dice are optional for any player who wishes to roll while they are defending themselves. A Fudge die has six sides, with three equally possible outcomes: +1, 0, and -1. Four of these fudge dice are rolled any time a Fudge roll is called for. The result of the roll is added to the defending player's defense. For example, if Cassius has 27 AC and wants to defend himself from an axe-wielding commoner, he may choose to roll Fudge dice before the commoner's attack roll. If he rolled a +2, his effective AC for that single attack would be 29. Fudge rolls are optional in that a player may choose to use Fudge dice for defenses before any encounter. If they choose to do so, they must continue to use Fudge dice for the remainder of that encounter.


The following chart describes travel times using various modes of transportation.

Transportation Speed in mph Notes Day Range
Foot 3 Can travel up to 8 hours per day 25
Foot (Rushed) 6 Can only maintain for an hour before fatigue sets in -
Horseback 6 Can travel up to 8 hours per day 48
Horseback (Rushed) 20 Can only maintain for an hour before fatigue sets in -
Carriage 5 Can travel up to 8 hours per day 40
Steam Carriage 10 Can travel up to 12 hours per day 120
Ship (Clipper) 15 Can travel continuously 360
Ship (Trading Ship) 8 Can travel continuously 200
Airship (Morris's) 20 Can travel continuously 500

OHN Hardsuit

A Hardsuit is a special powered armor suit worn by other characters.

It is medium-sized, piloted by medium-sized creatures that have an Int of at least 15, or a DC 20 Wisdom check, or some level instruction in its use.

It takes a full-round action to enter and power up or power down and leave a Hardsuit.

A Hardsuit is allowed two minor actions per round, and one move action.

A Hardsuit uses some of its pilot's attributes and scores: Int, Wis, and Cha are all the pilot's, and the Hardsuit confers a +2 bonus to Reflex and Will while using its own AC and Fortitude defenses. A Hardsuit cannot use the Stealth skill, and confers a +5 bonus to its pilot's normal Intimidate skill, and uses its own Athletics and Endurance bonuses of +15. A Hardsuit's Initiative is that of it's pilot, and it has a -5 penalty to its pilot's Perception.

A Hardsuit that has been bloodied is destabilized, and takes 1d10 damage each round until it is deactivated or it is destroyed, even if it uses Damage Control to raise its HP above its bloodied value. A Hardsuit reduced to 0 HP immediately ceases to function, and makes three saving throws in the next three rounds. If any fail, the suit immediately explodes, dealing 3d10 damage in a Burst 2 area centered on the Hardsuit (+15 vs. Reflex). A pilot still in the suit when it explodes is automatically hit and takes double the damage die roll.

A Hardsuit cannot be healed by other healing magic or items, only Damage Control.

HP: 140 - AC: 26 - Fort: 30 Speed: 15 ft. / 3 sq. Minor actions:

Arm smash: Melee, single target. +14 vs. AC -> 4d12+10 damage. This attack can be used to break walls, doors, etc. - treat it as having Strength 30 (+10) and use the pilot's half-level bonus.
Flame Cannon: Line 5 or Close blast 3, all creatures. Special hit roll -> 2d8+8 fire damage.
The Flame Cannon first tries to hit the averaged reflex of all creatures are in the area. Rolling higher than this number results in a hit on a random creature in the zone. For every 3 higher than than number, another creature in the area, selected at random, is hit. If a success is rolled where the result is greater than the DC + 10 is made, the pilot can choose to Pour It On. Pour It On uses a minor action, and automatically hits all targets that were hit by the first flame blast again.
Arcane Cannon: Ranged 20, single target. +10 vs. fort, 3d10+8 force damage.
Needle Grenade: Burst 2 within 10 sq, all creatures. +12 vs. AC -> 2d20 damage.

Full actions:

Damage Control: Restores 1d6 x 5 HP. Less effective outside of combat.

The party currently has three Hardsuits: two damaged , and one functional with limited power left. The party needs to find both a way to repair them (moderate difficulty) and recharge them (high difficulty) if they want to continue using them.

Die of Psychopharmacology

This is a thirteen-sided die that, when rolled, imparts a psychic effect on the creature that caused the die to roll. No, you can't put it into someone else's hand and push it to make them roll. The known effects are listed below. Unless listed otherwise, the effects described last 15 minutes.

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Character suddenly believes they have a beard.
  6. Character is compelled to challenge the nearest intelligent creature to a contest that the character is not skilled at
  7. Character gains the ability to smell emotions.
  8. Unknown
  9. Unknown
  10. Character loses all inhibitions.
  11. Unknown
  12. Unknown
  13. Character is affected by all twelve other effects at the same time, immediately resulting in unconsciousness after briefly having a psycho-seizure.

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