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Marion's estate as a local baron - once the home of his old adventuring party - serves as a base of operations for the party. The party earns income in the form of Livres (L) that can be spent on constructing new additions to further enhance the benefits given by the base.

The Google Doc that contains detailed information regarding the base's current state is located here



The threat counter increases by 1-3 every week by chance. Certain random events and exchanging Livres for gold will also increase the threat level further. Any time the threat level increases, a d20 roll is made. If the number rolled is less than the threat level, the party and/or base will be attacked by mercenary forces of some nature sent by Ogland or other offended persons. This will result in at least one encounter with hostiles.


Income is generated weekly based on upgrades and the investment level. The investment level directly correlates to the base income generated - every point of investment increases weekly income by 1L. This works out to an investment breaking even after 5 weeks. The base being attacked may result in the week's income - or more - instead being used up in repairs, netting no money for the party that week.


Every week, there is a 50% chance of a random mission occurring that is based in the local area around the base. This includes a large swath of countryside including the city of Kena and the village of Patriun.

Research & Development

Occasionally, structures will allow for the research and development of certain specialized tools. The results from these projects may unlock access to higher level equipment, the ability to construct gear cheaply, or sometimes give entirely homebrewed spells or gear. Research tends to give spells or blueprints for items, and development tends to give permanent enhancements to gear.


The base can assist in constructing magical and mundane items if a party member has at least a modicum of experience in crafting. The cost for any items constructed at the base is 75% of the normal cost. The base can currently manufacture:

  • Any mundane ammunition, armor, weapons, and other equipment made out of commonly available materials.
  • Any magical ammunition of a +2 bonus or less. This includes bolts, arrows, shurikens, and more.
  • Any magical armor or weapons of level 7 or less.