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Population: 400 civilians. There are an additional 20 guards led by 1 captain.

Town features: The town of Patriun is renowned for its spiced venison, either roasted or dried.

Famed Businesses

  • Veterinarian: (No name) run by Shani Plinus
  • Inn: "The Weary Kinsman" run communally. There are 10 rooms, alcohol is cheap, and venison is plentiful.
  • Warehouse: Belonging to Exotic Tastes in Kena, this warehouse is a waystation between Kena towns to the east by road and south by river. The goods most commonly seen here include liquor, lotus flowers, tea, tobacco, salt, sugar, perfume, and various other spices and dyes.


Patriun is a small township comprised mostly of druids, rangers, and other woodsmen that was founded in the year 305. The own was originally settled by traders, settling down where they could not proceed further by boat up the Belinkor River. Trade still runs to and from the south in the river, although a series of rocky rapids prevents boat travel farther north. Though not entirely religious, the village does have nightly parades with druids playing drums and wearing face-covering stag helms as a tradition going back to the town's founding.

Player involvement

In 410, the party travelled through the town as it was experiencing a mild plague. The party sorcerer was able to use the spells gained from reading the Libram of Khundia to treat the afflicted villagers.