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Xenothral, with some other players occasionally, has a penchant for rolling extremely well to perform various breaking and entering tasks. This includes incidents in the Songam and the On Razor's Edge campaigns. This usually results in cracking open heavy doors, chests, windows, etc.; all while remaining relatively silent. Xenothral also deliberately acquired a Silent Crowbar in Songam to further exploit advanced crowbarism.

Chaos Dunk(s)

Everybody get up, it's time to slam now - Xenothral's mage awakening in Echo Sequence involved dunking a magical basketball into a magical hoop and the resulting explosion turned the walls of his bedroom entirely black and green with scorch marks. He was able to hold on to the rim - which went unnoticed by mundane onlookers - until he eventually got distracted and it floated off to nowhere.

Shit Mjolnir

Okay, so the players legitimately decided to strap a microwave to a baseball bat in the Echo Sequence campaign. Then, after they found some thokcha with the assistance of a supernatural map, they decided to throw the hunk of thunder iron into the microwave. This created Shit Mjolnir, a rock-filled microwave bat that is somewhat heavy and unwieldy but can occasionally deal extra lightning damage. It's definitely about as shitty as a bad MSPA sord.

"You see a merchant stall on the horizon"

In Songam, a micro-adventure involving a repeating space loop had the party in a carriage travelling on a dirt road through a savannah. The landscape was devoid of landmarks, and the only thing that showed up in the distance occasionally was a merchant stand. Many descriptions of travel now result in players asking or the GM suggesting there may be a merchant stand in the distance.

Dragon trash

Some members of the Songam campaign repeatedly express romantic interest in draconic NPCs, despite their current affiliation. It's probably on account of them being pure unadulterated furry trash.

"I want to climb inside the monster"

Kelsipher has a penchant for wanting to crawl inside of larger opponents after they are defeated in the Songam campaign. It's probably something to do with feeling comfortable but might just be because he's way too fond of that one scene with the taun-taun from Star Wars.

Wraith on Fish Action

Kelsipher, in a room filled wraiths that were only hostile if you thought murder-thoughts, decided the well in the center of the room was too dangerous to swim down. His hunch was correct, as a magic and invisible current would carry anything thrown into it quickly down a passage into a water-filled corridor inhabited by an Aboleth. He figured out the current existed by pushing a wraith into the well. And then the rest of them. They ended up fighting the Aboleth (because the Aboleth was nothing but murder-thoughts) and instead of two combat encounters, the party got Wraith on Fish Action.

Ghost Phone

Xenothral channels Death magic in the Echo Sequence campaign using his cell phone. Examples include dialing random numbers to talk to ghosts. The random numbers work because "it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit. Now who killed you?"

Plan D

After the plundering of an ancient and terrible dungeon, Xenothral came into the curious possession of a Demi-Lich after scooping the dormant skull of said Lich into a bag of holding. Whenever the party encountered an especially difficult encounter, the idea of unleashing the Lich was put forward. As of session 48, Plan D has been enacted in order to allow the party to escape from Vincent. Current whereabouts, or status, of the Demi-Lich are unknown. One of the two combatants is presumed dead.