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Copy and paste the code below into a new page for instant template.

Short intro blurb and and one-sentence description. Part of the [[Songam]] campaign.

== Identity ==
*'''Full Name:''' 
*'''Group Affiliations:''' 

== System-specific Characteristics ==
*'''Level / Experience:''' 

== Physical Characteristics ==
*'''Distinctive marks:''' 

== Behavioral Characteristics ==
*'''Favorable traits:''' 
*'''Greatest strength:''' 
*'''Unfavorable traits:''' 
*'''Greatest weakness:''' 

== Personality ==
*'''Religious beliefs:''' 
*'''Personality adjectives:''' 
*'''Drives and motivations:''' 
*'''Long-term goals:''' 
*'''Plans to accomplish goals:''' 

== History ==
*'''Greatest accomplishment:''' 
*'''Greatest failure:'''

== Reference picture ==
raw imgur link here e.g. http://i.imgur.com/qKvAI.jpg