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Facility Logs

1) Researcher Donovan: "Power fluctuations" - Found in Main Commons

Something's got to be wrong with the power systems down here. I was in the lavatory just a few minutes ago and the power went out again. I know we're constrained in how much equipment we can maintain without overcrowding the base, but would it be so hard to set up some kind of emergency lighting? I talked to Rosco and evidently that power hiccup was base-wide. That's evidently not a good thing, because the labs are supposed to be on a separate circuit. Might have something to do with our latest tests causing interference, but the last one was over two hours ago. [sigh] Rosco's going down to look at it now.

2) Technician Rosco: "Door lock malfunctions" - Found in Upper Power

The labcoats were all complaining about the brownout, and here I'm asking why every light could even be affected simultaneously. Mordekai didn't have any idea, and all Donovan had to come up with was "interference." What interference? These are regular magitek lights. They don't broadcast or receive anything! And that's not all - when I came in here, to the upper power room, to check out if there was anything weird in the logs for the generator, guess what? Nothing! No power drop! [pause] I have bigger issues to take care of than this. The brownout is weird, but the door locks malfunctioning is worse. When the power dropped, the door locks opened sooner than they should have. It's supposed to take three days before they open, and it was almost instantaneous. Enemy agents could break in with knowledge like that! [pause] I still don't trust Maganit, even though he's been here two weeks.

3) Head Technician Mordekai: "Ventilation loops" - Found in Atmospherics

I had the pleasure of explaining the nature of our fresh air system to our newest researcher, Maganit, after he had a minor panic attack about his safety concerns. There are two loops in the upper half of the base, and three in the lower half. The third section in the lower half is specifically for the bio lab, so it has its own air supply. In the event of any kind of contamination, we can purge that system without gassing the entire lower half of the facility. That alone assuaged any concerns Maganit had, though he did still recoil when we told him we have to go up into those vents to clear jams in the fire doors occasionally. They're kind of on a hair trigger, and liable to snap closed. No issue, since fresh air always has a way to get around the break unless it's the bio lab, and that doesn't matter because there are emergency supplies in that room anyway. [distant speaking] Okay! Rosco's here with the power report.

4) Head Researcher Leuix: "Research Anomaly" - Found in Library

As I'm sure everyone on the research team is aware, we are very close to a breakthrough with our goal of tapping into distant planes as a source of magical energy. Given that Beholders, illithids, and other unsavory creatures have been proven to be drawing their power from an external source, it follows that we should be able to do the same. Our last test caused some kind of localized power disruption, so I feel that we are on the right track. The techs have finished their diagnostics and haven't found anything wrong with the equipment, so it must've been something we did. We'll have to tweak our settings and try again to see what happens!

5) Security Officer Athaff: "New guy" - Found in Security Office

I'm hearing concerns from the staff again that someone appears to be going around taking things that haven't been allocated to them. There aren't a ton of places to hide personal gear here, and since the timing is right, i'm inclined to think it's Maganit. We didn't have any problems until about a week ago, and that's when he showed up. I talked to Lasym about limiting his access to certain storerooms but he disagreed with my assessment. Rosco's in agreement with me, at least, although he was more concerned with cleaning himself after moving the latest sample out of the energy lab. You'd think someone like him would be used to grease by now. Athaff out.

6) Researcher Donovan: "HQ Unresponsive" - Found in Upper Ritual Room

I've tried three times to get the sending-spell to work to contact OHN headquarters, with no reply. No acknowledgement, even. Our antenna appears to be in working order, so something must be wrong on their end. I'm not usually given to wild speculation, but I can't help feeling something is going to go wrong. Maybe enemy agents have sabotaged our facilities. Maybe enemy agents have attacked OHN directly at home! I thought about reconfiguring the antenna to send a message to a friend back home, but I know that would have been both a breach of security protocol and that it would've left a record of my attempt. Hopefully we'll hear from home soon, or one of the techs will find something wrong with the setup.

7) Head Technician Mordekai: "Latest experiment" - Found in Engineering Lab A

Alright, so I know we're not supposed to record things we hear secondhand from the researchers, but this is something else. Leuix and Torumal were talking about something fruitful arriving from the latest energy material test. They were genuinely excited, but it was the kind of thing where they're not sure if they should report it or not. Donovan tells me the antenna is fine, but he can't get a message to HQ anyway. I'm going to take a look. No business fighting about whether they should communicate their findings if the communications system is out of commission. Why he was carrying a flower into the lab, I have no idea.

8) Senior Researcher Kindall: "Organic interaction" - Found in Teleport Lab

Whatever came through with the last experiment is ... in a word, incredible. It appears to be a black sludge that expands and mimics any organic life - dead, alive; partial, whole, any life. Leuix exposed a simple flower from the greenhouse to it, and it grew into a kind of fern. It's probably not photosynthesizing like it once was, as it's entirely black, but it must still be getting energy from somewhere. We tried separating it from the original plant, but it appears to have consumed it utterly, and the mass of the substance we currently have is equal to the original amount plus the approximate mass of the plant and soil exposed to it. This might be our energy breakthrough Leuix was hoping for! Though dangerous, unfortunately. We've had Rosco move the entire setup to the Bio lab for now, and we're going to follow up after some celebratory drinking.

9) Security Officer Yellel: "Rosco" - Found in Lounge

After-action report: Subject, Technician Rosco, was in the lounge when he started exhibiting symptoms akin to poisoning. He started oozing a black substance out of his skin, and Senior Researcher Kindall ordered everyone else out of the room. I attempted to subdue the subject, coming into contact with the substance. I was able to strike a good blow on his head, and he went down. Kindall moved him to Bio Cell A immediately, with Tel and Athaff staying behind to sanitize the lounge. We're not going to let anyone out of the lab section until this is resolved. Donovan started shouting about it, calling it a "plague," and then ran off into the samples lab. We're going to go subdue him before anything happens.

10) Head Technician Mordekai: "Security gone" - Found in Samples Lab

[welding noise] I don't have a lot of time. Somrent is here sealing the door with me. Whatever that black shit was, it bust out of the vent in the samples lab and attacked the security team while they were trying to get Donovan to stop burning supplies in the alloy smelter. Somrent and I backed out of the door and closed it just as they got Ralt. I'm going to the Hardsuit arena to charge one for Somrent and one for me. Somrent is going to go down to the

11) Technician Somrent: "Disposal" - Found in Archives

I get what Donovan was trying to do now. While I was looking for the code book, I found another that someone - presumably Donovan or one of the other researchers - left on one of the stand. "Plague control procedures." He was trying to destroy any organic material that could play host to this stuff. Smart guy, if he hadn't lost his marbles in the process. Given what happened in Samples, I doubt he's going to be able to make it out of the smelter room now. Just in case, I'm burning everything related to the energy project in the waste disposal room. Nobody needs to rediscover this. Then, I'm taking the code book up and meeting up with Mordekai to get in a hardsuit and fight our way out of this mess.

12) Senior Researcher Kindall: "Purification" - Found in Bio Lab

This is Senior Researcher Kindall. I've been observing and experimenting on the specimen that was once Rosco, and I have something of great importance to record for posterity. The black substance we originally thought was a mutagenic compound is actually a network of tiny organisms that work in concert. Scattered throughout the substance are large, inflated cells that appear to function only as a conduit back to whatever foul pit these things came from. They're still a power source, albeit an extremely dangerous and virulent one. I've noted that these conduit cells react poorly to certain conditions, and have concocted a type of gas I'm calling Guillotine. I've been... slaying and raising Rosco as a mindless servant, and each time the infestation takes hold, the conduit cells are notably more active. Guillotine causes these cells to burst, and dramatically reduce the virulence of the infestation. In fact, without them, the organisms only appear to be able to raise entirely-dead corpses, though they can still change them into a variety of shapes and sizes. After inundating the cell Rosco's in with the gas, and raising him once more, he appears immune every time I've tried to infest him. I purged the room of air, killing him again, and as soon as he stopped moving, the black substance started to manifest on him, since I can't entirely clear the room of it. It might be a cure, and though it doesn't stop these things from being insanely dangerous, at least they're not going to be able to parasitize and control healthy hosts. Torumal is coming back with some equipment from the storeroom now and we're going to try and disperse this throughout the base.

13) Senior Researcher Torumal: "Gas dispersion" - Found in Atmospherics

Okay, Kindall and I were able to set up the gas and get it into a tank. She's loading up a second one now in case this one isn't enough. Hopefully this doesn't have any adverse effects on anyone else still alive. Maybe it will immunize them... we didn't have time to test that. Opening the valve. [gas hissing through tubes] Here goes. [noise of switch flipping, more gas hissing] It looks to be working. I'm just glad we were able to do this without a technician. [knocking on door] [pause] Kindall? [door opening, crashing noise, screams]

14) Researcher Smythe: "Idiot" - Found in Freezer

I don't have a lot of time. This freezer is going to kill me, and if that doesn't, they're going to get in soon. I made the mistake of coming this way instead of heading for the exit like the others. It happened so fast, I panicked. And it's going to cost me. In my defense, I was expecting entirely good news when Pollist when to go open the lab checkpoint, and for some reason the contaminant sensor didn't fire until he was already opening the door. The flames caught some of them, but there were still so many. [pause] I can still hear them moving ... something around outside. I need to be quiet now.

15) Technician Somrent: "Hiding" - Found in Hardsuit Arena Vents

This will be my last recording. These goddamn fire doors were literally the death of me. I'm pinned at the knee of my left leg, and I think I'm bleeding, but I can't turn around to look at it properly without wrenching my leg out of its socket. Listen, if you find this recording, I've got an experimental weapon of my own in Engineering Lab B. Pull the rightmost wall panel out and twist the second valve from the top to the left three full turns. I was trying to get to it, but, well... maybe you'll have better luck than I did.

16) Junior Researcher Maganit: "Containment" - Found in Loader Bay

It's done. I was able to seal the exit tunnel by using the crystal in the Solace room. I don't even know why they were keeping a power crystal that's explosive under the right conditions in there in the first place. I mean, it's nice to look at, but come on, it's a bomb by any other name! [pause] I can tell the main checkpoint is still open, and I think either Tel or Leuix is wandering around out there. There's no way they can get through the loader door, but then the exit tunnel is closed off now too, so this is where I get to wait. I don't even know if Donovan's last communique made it out, or if the OHN still exists. Even if they do, perhaps it's better they not come here. That way this thing is contained. Even if it means I won't make it out. Buried, forgotten, and safe. [clanging noise] Try all you want! [clanging, clanging subsides] This is what I get to listen to til it gets in, until rescue shows up, or ... no-one lives forever. [pause] This is Junior Researcher Maganit, signing off.

Facility Layout