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Many creatures are referred to as Dragonkind, Dragonkin, or Draconic. This page outlines the distinctions between the different creatures referred to by these names.

True Dragons

True dragons fall into two categories, Metallic (generally good) and Chromatic (generally evil). All true dragons are effectively immortal, and only die if they are deliberately slain. The most commonly encountered breeds are listed below:

  • Brass - Fire-based. Linguists, of average intelligence.
  • Bronze - Lightning-based. Wanderers, of average intelligence.
  • Copper - Acid-based. Tricksters, of average intelligence. Often mages.
  • Gold - Fire-based. Defenders and guardians, Of average intelligence.
  • Silver - Cold-based. Knowledge-seekers, highly intelligent. Often mages.
  • Black - Acid-based. Highly intelligent, lawful evil, and great schemers. Often mages.
  • Blue - Lightning-based. Of bestial intelligence.
  • Green - Poison-based. Brooding and territorial, of average intelligence. Often mages.
  • Red - Fire-based. Fonts of anger and destruction, of average intelligence.
  • White - Cold-based. Of bestial intelligence.


When a dragon dies, if special preparations were previously made, it is possible for said dragon to immediately reincarnate in a different location in a more humanoid form. These half-dragons may or may not have wings, but can be easily distinguished by the presence of a tail and the ability to make use of true dragon's frightful presence. Half-dragons also often have heads very similar to their previous true dragon form. They usually stand from seven to ten feet tall, and weigh from 250 to 500 pounds. They are incredibly strong, and often train for greater magical ability to account for their smaller stature post-transition. Half-dragons are effectively immortal like their previous incarnations.


Dragonborn are a playable race of humanoids whose origin is lost to the sands of time. They are not truly draconic, and this is reflected in their lack of tail and frightful presence. The prevailing theory is that they were created as a subservient race to true dragons to improve relations with other humanoid races. They usually stand between six and seven feet tall, weigh around 200 to 300 pounds, and live to be around 80 years on average.


Through what most would consider heretical alchemy and sorcery, a non-dragon creature (including Dragonborn) can be infused with true dragon blood. These dragon-blooded creatures gain various benefits from this, usually in the form of increased strength, greater vitality, thicker hides, and they also gain the dragon-blooded subtype, making them immune to frightful presence but allowing anything that normally affects only dragons to affect them as well. They can often be distinguished by patches of scales, small draconic horns, and sometimes can even have breath weapons. The main drawback of this is that it makes the dragon-blooded creature obedient to whichever dragon they acquired the trait from. This makes them excellent servants, muscle, and bodyguards.

Lesser "Dragonkind"

Lesser dragonkind - incorrectly referred to as lesser dragons in common parlance - include Drakes, Behirs, and several other species. These races are related to dragons in appearance, behavior, and abilities only, and do not have dragon blood or draconic heritage unless otherwise stated. They may be intimidating but do not have the frightening presence ability that true dragons do.