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Segment 1

The party, a group of four friends living in both units of a duplex, go out to their friend Jule's apartment complex, Hill Manor, to have their weekly poker night. After arriving and playing a few rounds, they hear a few gunshots from upstairs. They rush outside to find numerous bodies in advanced states of decay, and that the apartment complex itself is trapped in some kind of dark, stormy void. Exploring the apartment complex to try and find Jule's friend Keenan, they battle possessed apartment denizens and being possessed by ghosts themselves. They fight to the upper floors of the apartment complex, eventually finding Keenan dead and Sullivan Barnes, a friendly ghost. Brian explains the nature of the main ghost: Josiah Hill, a man who originally owned the land Hill Manor Apartments is built on, was stalked throughout his life by some unseen presence. Barnes helped him by instructing him in ways to build occult fortifications, but the presence was still able to find a way to set his home ablaze. The wards constructed were such that the ghosts of Hill, his family, and his servant staff were all unable to leave after their death. The wards were maintained by Barnes, until he was killed by a ghost possessing Keenan. Barnes explains they'll have to destroy Hill's anchor - a pocket watch - by using the storm outside. The party confronts Josiah Hill on the roof of the apartment complex, and distract him long enough to use the lightning rod on the building to destroy the watch. The apartment returns to normal, and the party escapes before being questioned by the police.

Segment 2

todo synopsis of the events related to the missing theriac, doctor, vampire(s)

Segment 3

Again going on a tip from Ben, the party travels to the abandoned Gopher Munitions plant just east of town. There, they explore the ruins, eventually finding a ladder descending into what looks like a steam tunnel. After fending off an attacking ghoul, they proceed through the tunnel system to find a ghoul shantytown built underground. In a large structure reminiscent of a town hall or church, they tind an elevator that takes them to an empty, wide room with only a large array of gears set into the floor, jammed by a human arm. They remove the arm, causing the gears to begin to turn. This causes a growing reverberating noise that stuns the ghouls and allows the party to escape the underground just before it all collapses into a massive sinkhole. The party escapes, and hears about the investigation into the landslide in the news the next morning.

Segment 4

todo synopsis of the railway body incident IN PROGRESS

Segment 5 - March 22nd, 2015

Xenothral & Dale eating at Blue Willow eating college chinese food, notice a teenage ghost interacting with a non-table in the restaurant. Seeking more information, the two of them hide in the Goodwill store next door until after close. They get into the maintenance access area between the stores, go into the Blue Willow, and find a dessicated corpse under the floor of the storage room. The two of them determine the boy was killed by having his throat crushed internally, with no damage to the skin. Xenothral summons the ghost, Peter Winsbaum, on his cell phone, and is able to pacify it as he does so, and determines that he was doing "odd jobs" under mental control from a man (or creature) named Robert Delacroix. They manage to converse with him and determine the last time and location he spoke with Robert, and hang up on the ghost. They then head to the nearby park where Peter last spoke to Robert and Xenothral casts Postcognition well enough to see at least part of Robert's power in action. Robert was speaking in iambic pentameter, and though his sentences were slippery and Xenothral couldn't remember some of the details of the task, Robert was basically asking Peter to drop off a package for delivery to a post office across town. Robert's bodguard was in normal athlete's clothing and a hoodie, but there was only an inky black pool where his face should have been.

Segment 6 - March 26th, 2015