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"City of the Holy Victory"

Population: 6,500 civilians. There are approximately 200 city guards led by 6 captains.

Leader: Gelar Aurelius, 56-year old merchant. Plans to expand the city's influence by regulating products heavily.

City Feature: The city's main roads are for carriages only. Many balconies along these avenues are connected by elevated causeways for pedestrian traffic.

Famed Business

  • Bronzeworks: "The Bronze Bull" run by Igor Amdal
  • Tannery: "King Leathers" run by Talman Hamud
  • Building Engineer: "Hadrian's Hammers" run by Hadrian Tugis
  • Spice Merchant: "Exotic Tastes" run by Stanis Legrasse

Civic Locales

  • University: "Kena School of Thaumaturgy" run by Proctor Bethel Markus, a 78-year old Diviner. Student body of 150 apprentices.
  • Scriptorium: "Levy Archives" has public records dating back 300 years to the just before the city's founding.
  • Temple: "Temple of the Holy Victory" founded for the event where an Avatar of Pelor, Saint David, defeated an archfiend leading an orcish army unarmed and unarmored. The temple maintains a large herb garden for incense and medicine. Plants tended include adrue tubers, balmony, alder, honeysuckle, and gentian. The Head Priest of the temple is Cyrus the Sightless, a blind, 35-year old Avenger.


The city was founded as a small trading station by a now-defunct company in the year 121. In year 165, Saint Clen saved the city from an oncoming orcish horde, slaying an archfiend unarmed in the process. The site of this "Holy Victory" as it is referred to by the local populace, is now a shrine to the northwest of the city and the party's base. Saint Clen went on to found the Temple of the Holy Victory that year, which brought more tourism and industry to the city. Though he died in year 189 and was interred in the catacombs beneath the church, he is still revered by many locals.

Harvest Watch

Population: 50 civilians. There are approximately 150 Kena guards led by 5 captains.

  • Mercenary Company HQ: Stone's Defenders. This company is made up of 70 soldiers, 30 rangers, 20 knights, and 10 clerics. They are led by Stahlram "Stone" Crionus.
  • Specialist: Norokon the Alchemist and Brewmaster.
  • Specialist: Ganbar Kamoran, Blacksmith.

Located a few short miles north of the city limits, Harvest Watch is a fort that plays host to both more civilians and guards, as well as a major mercenary company that primarily offers escort services to trading caravans.

Cairn Estate

Deep in the woods to the southwest of Kena, Cairn Estate is a hunting lodge that is vacant except for a skeleton crew for most months out of the year. Owned by Kena leadership, it is rented out to many local lords and aristocrats for use as a home while sport hunting in the surrounding woods. The estate was originally built in the year 261 after the wealth of the city grew enough to support such an investment.

Player involvement

In year 410, the party explored the catacombs beneath the Temple of the Holy Victory to discover the Libram of Khundia.

In year 410, the party used the Levy Archives to discover records leading to a mine north of Patriun in their quest for Marrskeins. They were ambushed by a Denizen of Leng in the process. They also travelled to the Cairn Estate, found the lone surviving member of the Jade Staves adventuring party, and found a passage under the estate to the mine referenced in the city records.