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Songam is a D&D 4e campaign run by Bob Boberton.



Songam is the quest for the party to acquire (and then use) the only copy of the Manual of Infinite Planes. The party currently has a base available to them which provides them with secure lodgings and other progression outside of leveling up and better gear.

A full history of the story so far can be found on the Campaign Log page.

There are many homebrew elements to this game, some anchored in other RPG systems, others original. See the Homebrew page for a complete list of customizations.

Danger Patrol - the Players

The party is currently level 7

Struck players/characters are inactive or no longer played

Character Race Class Player
Cassius Minotaur Fighter DJLunchbox
Rydian Half-Orc Ranger Askylum
Xenathos Dragonborn Sorceror Xenothral
Kelsipher Dragonborn Paladin Kelsipher
Nal Changeling Assassin Spooksy
Tea Tiefling Druid (Aranae) Spooksy
Sage Lor Half-Elf Rogue (Artful) Bacoose
Baras Bugbear Rogue (Brutish) Ptylerdactyl
Kotaro (Base NPC) Human Druid (Anthophila) DJLunchbox

The Seekers (NPC Allies)

The Villains

  • Ogland - Head of the Ogland & Sons merchant company
  • Reginald - A Black Dragon in the employ of Ogland & Sons
  • Doctor Demiven - Radical Scientist
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  • Langdedrosa - Officer in the cult of Tiamat
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Base Surroundings Map


  • Biedha - Medium city to the south
  • Eingazal - Eastern Desert City-state, host to the Academy
  • Greenest - Small village near to the south, destroyed by cult of Tiamat
  • Kena - Medium city near the Base
  • Patriun - Small village a short ways to the southeast of the Base
  • Svalbard - Medium city far to the north
  • Taraheil - Northwestern coastal City-state
  • Yaraeh - Small village to the northeast

Other Locations

  • OHN Lab - a research facility near Svalbard