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You can dance if you want to...


Race: Protector Aasimar

Class: Bard (College of Glamour)

Background: Courtier

Stage Name: Phoenix Rose

Age: 38 (as of 1492 DR- the Year of Three Ships)

Gender: Agender

Preferred Pronouns: They, them

Sexuality: Asexual

Height/Weight: 5'7" / 128 lbs

Family Status:

  • Mother: Zivia, Alive in Waterdeep
  • Father: Rakan, Deceased; died in 1466 DR


  Rasi was born in Neverwinter. When they were 12, there was a Luskan attack in Neverwinter. The conflict resulted in a majority of buildings being set ablaze. Their father, Rakan, died defending the city. Many lost their homes, including Rasi and their mother. Vance, a human scribe from Waterdeep and long time friend of Rakan, offered Zivia and Rasi a home away from the conflict in his estate in Waterdeep. Having one's life upended so early on was a bit of a trial for Rasi, but eventually came to make the most of it. Zivia never remarried and Rasi would end up seeing Vance as an uncle.
  While growing up in Waterdeep, Rasi had mentors that taught them in the subjects of the arcane, performance, diplomacy, and politics. The political structure within Waterdeep wasn't very interesting to them, but the opportunity to hear things said behind closed doors intrigued them. A few years later, one of their former mentors, a tiefling named Kylynne Silmerhelve, approached them with an important task. Kylynne was now a member of the Watchful Order and had received word of a corrupt noble stealing information and needed someone he could trust to infiltrate and gather information for them. Rasi had a good relationship with their former mentor so they agreed to help. Through their skill and prowess, they secured a spot in the noble's meetings. Rasi was able to gather information on the noble's wheelings and dealings and relay them back to Kendel. During one of the times Kylynne and Rasi met, Rasi was followed by an assassin hired by the noble. The noble had become paranoid and wanted to remove any possible loose ends. The assassin caught them by surprise and was able to kill Rasi. Kylynne was able to barely strike down the assassin and take Rasi to a nearby temple so priests could revive Rasi. The Watchful Order was able to arrest the noble, but Rasi learned sometimes it's better to not be in the spotlight once in a while.
  In their mid-twenties, Rasi registered with the Musician's Guild under the stage name "Phoenix Rose" in order to get work around Waterdeep using their talents as a dancer. About a week before the campaign's events, they got hired to do a performance for a noble court. They do a routine where they make their wrists bells to light up and conjuring a body double made of light. It is a wondrous display as Rasi and the light double dance around each other. For the finale, they're covered in flames and grow wings made of shining light and rise above it. They fly around the room with the light double splitting into four orbs that start to orbit around Rasi. At the end of the performance, a steward of the Majarra family praises their performance. They tell Rasi that they'll be in touch to hire them for a private event in the near future.

Likes: Dancing, gossip

Dislikes: Politics

Key personality traits: Captivating, naive, kind, dedicated