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Name: Ramesh

Race: Air Genasi

Class: Monk (Way of the Shadow)

Background: Urban Bounty Hunter

Age: 27

Gender: Woman

Sexuality: Bi af

Backstory: Ramesh was born in calimport to human spelljammer merchant Aja, who was frequently gone to space and left Ramesh to be raised in a monastery. After some time, Ramesh became bored of the life of silence and subservience and wanted to make a name for herself. She moved back in to her mother's home, which was mostly empty. One night a band of thieves broke in. Unaware Aja had a child and not expecting Ramesh to be there, they attacked the teenager, knocking her out before stealing some valuable goods from their home. From that moment Ramesh decided to dedicate her life to tracking those sorts of people down. She started out running errands for her mother, catching thieves who would steal spelljammer goods. Now she's well known as a bounty hunter that specializes in apprehending thieves up and down the Sword Coast.

Near the beginning of her career, she was contracted to find a horn of repelling vermin. She traveled north and found it in the possession of Khan Ironclad who was still a child at the time. He was stubborn in giving it up, and Ramesh had to speak to his parents to get the item back. Ramesh however knew he was just a child and didn't mean any harm, and as it was one of her first paid contracts, she stayed close to the family.

Ramesh came to Waterdeep to essentially bail Khan out of jail after he was thrown in for being involved in a bar fight. The noble Lathkule family heard she was in town and requested to meet with her. They informed her that a valuable item they had just purchased, a green gold-strung harp, had been stolen. Believing the thief to have witnessed the sale, they are humiliated to have lost it before they could show it at an upcoming event. No payment is offered up front but if it can be returned safely they have offered to compensate Ramesh well.

Likes: Storms, summer, the fast life

Dislikes: The cold, hoity-toity people

Key personality traits: Loud-mouthed, hot-headed, cunning, determined

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