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A tiny, stabby dragon-kin girl.


Race: Kobold

Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)

Background: Faction Agent (Zhentarim)

Age: 10 years (as of 1492 - the Year of Three Ships)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height/Weight: 2'7" / 33 lbs

Family Status: Raised communally by her clan - she doesn’t know who her “real” mother and father are and doesn’t care. Her “adopted brother” Jim is alive and well in Waterdeep. Relationships with Family: Jim is her adopted brother, her best friend, and the most important person in her life. She will do anything to protect him and keep him safe, despite his insistence on getting into trouble.

Backstory: She was raised by her clan and grew up digging the sewers of Waterdeep, Undermountain, and Skullport. When she was 7 years old, a freak cave-in accident caused her to lose both of her legs. Her best friend, a Kobold she was raised with named Jim, dragged her back to the clan and went on a quest to get her prosthetics, and ended up becoming an Archfey warlock in the process of obtaining them.

While learning to use the prosthetics, she surfaced in Skullport and was "hired" as a "worker" by a Zhentarim agent - a white Dragonborn rogue named Arianna - who taught her how to survive on the surface and make the most out of her new legs. In a skirmish with a rival gang that she was clearly losing, Ironclad stepped in to help her, and she took it poorly and spit in his face for interfering with her Zhentarim training. They parted ways thinking badly of each other.

During her training in Skullport, Jane got into a physical fight with a Harper agent that she was trying to blackmail. She was going to tell the Mandible that the Harper was a spy, and wanted them to pay the Zhentarim off. In the struggle, she landed a killing blow. She covered up the murder, dragging the body into the sewer tunnels never to be discovered, and forged the information she gave to the Zhentarim.

Once she was (literally) back on her feet, she traveled to Waterdeep and found Jim, now living on the surface, and made a home there with him as a free agent of the Zhentarim. The same Archfey that is Jim's patron was friends with Fwoosh's master, and Jim introduced Fwoosh to Jane to try to get her socialized with the outside world.

During her year in Waterdeep, very recently, she was whisked away by supposed Zhentarim agents and introduced to someone claiming to be the head of the Zhentarim - whether they actually were or not, she doesn't know. They knew about her forging the information from the Harper spy, and blackmailed her in return, saying they would ruin her and Jim if she did not complete a yet uncalled favor. She is terrified of the repercussions of this, and is afraid of what this favor might bring.

Likes: Digging, dragons, small knicknacks

Dislikes: Gnomes, fey, sunlight

Generally attracted to (this is intended as a more romantic question): Strong, powerful figures of authority.

Likes to hang around (the general type of people they make friends with): Surprisingly, happy people. She doesn’t show it but she relies on the joy of others to maintain her own happiness.

Key personality traits: Strict, stubborn, quiet, patient


Symbolic flower: Gladiolus

Color scheme: Reds, browns

Scenery: Tight alleyways, interconnected tunnels

Architecture: Gothic

Other associated plants: White heather, king protea

Season/Weather type: Winter

Music: Orchestral

Clothing style: Leather armor

Fabric texture: Burlap, canvas

Scents: Dirt, water