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Khan-za-Khan "The Ironclad" Ironclad

Race - Goliath

Class - Paladin

Background - Clan Crafter

Age - 19


Khan is by appearances and experiences, a young adventurer. Barely an adult, he has a shaved head and eyebrows and no facial hair. His face is typically cragged with a stoic grimace which occasionally belies his young-looks. He stands 7 foot and 7 inches, weighing at 320 lbs. His eyes shine a vivid bright green and his skin is a pale ashen grey. Any hairs on his body are a dark mahogany brown

Across the left of his forearm he has a tattoo that signifies him as a Clan Crafter of the Ironclad Clan from the north, as well as Dwarvish decorations accompanying it.

The tattoo is the clan crest of the Ironclads, featuring a tower shield in the center and the twinned battleaxes of Clangeddin Silverbeard, the clan's diety.


Adopted as a young child by a Dwarven Priest and smithy, Khan grew up surrounded by dwarves. Although welcomed by them, he always felt an outsider, and frequently looked to higher powers for meaning. He gained purpose in finding his craft along side his foster parents' religion.
Because of his larger stature, he was tormented as a child by other dwarf children, and was tutored to never strike first against those who would harm you.
As of his coming of age, he has struck out on his own to find his origins and prove that an iron fist need not strike first.

The reason for striking out of his own came from a vision he had received while meditating within the temple. The visioon showed a brightly lit room crowded with rowdy bodies. In it was also a dark voided hole that seemed to go on forever. After consulting with his parents onto the meaning and location, Waterdeep, he set off to find a higher purpose or origin to who he is.

Character Conflict


At a young age, Khan came across a Horn of Repel Vermin while exploring close to his home. He kept it for himself, but eventually the Air Genesi, Ramesh, came for it. Not understanding the circumstances, he stubbornly claimed it was rightfully his. Eventually his foster parents convinced him to return the horn. Later in life, as he traveled to Waterdeep, he found himself crossing paths with her again as he frequently got into bar fights defending patrons and rowdy competitions. 


As well as running into Ramesh, Khan also crossed paths with a Kobold in a shadier part of Waterdeep that looked as if she was being shaken down from thieves. Always being one to protect the small, Khan defended the young creature. Once they had been routed, Khan turned to see if the Kobold was alright only to find himself being berated and assailed by loud yipping. Khan, although confused from this outcome, defended himself as best as he could from the verbal onslaught. In the end, both of them left bittered by what had transpired.


 While in the Yawning Portal tavern, waiting for whatever purpose his god's sent him here for to transpire, Khan was duped and convinced by a group of scoundrels to follow them out the tavern, planning to rob him. Intervening was a Tortle named Shrarsei, who used his influence as an officer to make the thieves run away. Because of the strength shown, Khan invited Shrarsei to a couple round of drinks, where they shared stories between one another.