Solaris Blues

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Solaris Blues is an A Time of War campaign run by Xenothral



Solaris during the Word of Blake Jihad, 3068.

The Players

Character Archetype Player
Solomon Stankevicius Back-Alley Bruiser Brian
Roger Smith Negotiator Ches
Alishay Glass Demolitions, Technically (GMPC) Kael
Telopelemus Strophios Elephenor the Demicoon Entertainer Zak

Owned Vehicles

  • Ceres-Bikes Flashbang ZZ100000 - Kael
  • Vindicator VND-1R - Kael
  • Bayamo Hoverbike - Zak
  • Von Luckner Heavy Tank VNL-K75N - Lyle
  • Savior Repair Vehicle - Tyler
  • Kestrel VTOL (MASH) - Sophia



Solaris Home Defense League

Word of Blake